Care of Costume Jewellery

To maintain the value and condition of your pieces a few basic rules should be observed:-

When wearing your costume jewellery remember to preserve pieces they need care. Always apply hairspray, soap, cream of perfume before you put on your jewellery, as cosmetics can damage plated surfaces, imitation pearls, pastes, beads. Never immerse costume jewellery in water, as this can dissolve adhesive, tarnish metal, discolour paste, and shrink, or rot string on beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Before wearing, check that settings and clasps are secure, as these can weaken over time.

To clean paste stones, spray a cotton bud with a small amount of distilled water, squeeze the bud to remove excess, then gentle buff the surface only of each stone. Make sure that the cleaning fluid does not seep into the settings, and pat the jewellery dry with a clean cotton or muslin cloth. Be very cautious with very old foiled backed stones.

Never immerse or use harsh abrasives on your costume jewellery.

Be cautious when cleaning jewellery; less is always best

Try to store each piece individually in its own box or cloth pochette if possible, but if not wrap it in acid-free tissue paper, available on-line.

By adhering to the above guide your costume jewellery should be around for many more years to come.