Brooches & Dress Clips

Brooch derived from the French term broche. Often refers pins of a large scale or pins made prior to the 1950’s. 

It is claimed that the idea of clip brooches came to the French jeweller Louis Cartier as he watched a woman hanging out her washing with wooden clothes pegs. He then developed a series of clips and double clips, known as “Duette” clips, patenting the double clip in 1927. The versatile piece came with a frame fitted with an ordinary brooch pin, so that the clips could also be worn together as a single brooch. It quickly gained popularity, and was made in a wide range of styles. By the end of the Twenties it had become essential to possess a pair of diamond, or pseudo-diamond, clips.

The “Duette” & “Dress Clips” although a brooch or dress clips they can be clipped not only to dresses but hats, even the small of the back of a dress to keep underclothes out of sight, used in the hair or even on shoes – they are so versatile. 

A “Fur” clip has a strong double prong for fixing the brooch to a fur coat or thick outer garment.